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our philosophy

Did you know that imbalances in the body are usually first seen in the skin, specifically the face, before many other diagnostic tests can detect them? Our skin is a direct reflection of our inner state of well-being and health. Our skin is essentially the messenger of our body's needs. However, we have to be able to understand how to decipher these codes it provides through conditions such as acne, eczema, dryness, etc. As within, so without. Our approach to skin care is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We focus on providing support and restoring function to the body from a holistic perspective that compliments the whole body. Our skin care method goes beyond the physical products and treatments used in traditional esthetics. We address diet, digestion, emotions, regimens, lifestyle, and more!

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meet jessica

Jessica is a Licensed Esthetician and is a practitioner of Yoga & Meridian Yoga Therapy. She has had extensive training in holistic esthetics through Traditional Chinese Medicine where she has earned the title of Holistic Skin Wellness Consultant.

She integrates various elements of her trainings to create well-rounded protocols for virtual or in-person sessions to relieve skin conditions and support skin health & well-being. 

She has always felt that traditional and modern "holistic" esthetics offered very glossy treatments rooted in superficial beauty and fed the toxic beauty culture. This left her feeling unfulfilled in her work. She desired to truly help people find the why behind their skin care and well-being concerns, not a superficial way to cover or dismiss it. Skin care is more than products, treatments, and fancy tools. It is a practice of self-discovery.

Some of Jessica's favorite trades and techniques to use in her holistic skin care sessions include an in depth facial reading & analysis, ancient chinese facial massage techniques that affect the whole body, acupressure, meridian yoga therapy, breathwork, and fun products to engage the senses and emotions.



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