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What is Holistic Skin Care?

Skin care goes way beyond than what meets the naked eye! The integumentary system is a mirror and communicator of our internal health & well-being. We help find the root cause of your skin care concerns by working from the inside out. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Here at Skingredient Bar, from ingredients to treatments, you know you're skin is getting the nurturing it deserves.

How often should you exfoliate?

On a general basis, exfoliating 2 times every week is sufficient. This also depends on the type or method of exfoliation you use. You should NEVER combine exfoliation products or methods. Knowing the correct frequency of use is the key to efficient and non-abrasive exfoliation. Here are a few examples of exfoliants:

  • Physical exfoliants such as our Gentle Exfoliating Powder - Generally, up to 2x/week
  • Chemical exfoliants (Retinal, Retinol, Bakuchiol, AHA's, BHA's) -Generally, work your way up to the recommended amount printed on your product's label! If you have sensitive skin I would avoid chemical exfoliants as they may worsen irritation. However, if you choose to experiment, patch test the skin underneath the earlobe where it meet the jaw and on the inside of the wrist to test for sensitivity within 24 hrs.
    • Chemical treatments (Peels & enzyme masks) - Consult with your esthetician or dermal professional.
  • Manual exfoliation - For the love of all skin...just say no to cleansing brushes!!!! Dry brushing is okay once a week with the right technique and pressure.
    • Manual treatments (microdermabrasion & microblading) - Consult with your esthetician or dermal professional.

Skin type vs. skin condition?

There are four main skin types: normal, oily, dry, and combination. Ask yourself what 75% of your face feels like - this is your skin type! If you're combination, your T-zone will be more oily than the cheeks, jaw, or hairline which may feel more naturally dry. Concerns such as inflammation, acne, hyperpigmentation, maturing skin, and sensitive skin are skin conditions, not skin types. Both skin types and conditions can vary throughout our lives as we age, make dietary changes, our lifestyle habits, environment, emotions, and physical health. In general though, we each have a tendency to be more dominant in one of the 4 skin types from above. Want to know more about your skin type or skin condition? See our services page!

I need to keep my regimen as minimal & quality as possible, what do you suggest?

This is what we're built for! Our products and regimens are made for the simple soul. Any of our products can be mixed and matched depending on your skin type. We have the perfect minimal regimen for all skin types we absolutely love! Try this combo: Calendula & Honey Cleansing Cream, Gentle Exfoliating Powder, and Calm & Repair Facial Oil.