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The SKINgredient Bar provides an integrated holistic skin health & wellness approach with quality slow beauty products, services, and workshops for your unique skin constitution and concerns.

Everyone deserves handcrafted and genuine care for their most protective and mirroring organ, the integumentary system (aka skin). That's why we created all-embracing skin care products & service bar that supports the microbiome of all skin types and conditions! Our goal is to help you channel calm, balanced, harmonized skin from the inside out. Balance, restore, and support is our formula for improving overall complexion, reducing inflammation and irritation, and optimizing skin longevity.


Not only do we formulate with real & tender ingredients that nourish and restore the skin. Our products carry subtle aromatics to help promote emotional well-being. These aromas are gentle on the senses and the skin!

... functional esthetics

Did you know that imbalances in the body are usually first seen in the skin, specifically the face, before many other diagnostic tests can detect them? Our skin is a direct reflection of our inner state of well-being. Our skin is essentially the messenger of our body's needs. However, we have to be able to understand how to decipher these codes its provides through conditions such as acne, eczema, dryness, etc. As within, so without. Our approach to our skin care is highly inspired by ancient eastern practices such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We focus on providing support for the integumentary system from a holistic perspective that compliments traditional esthetics. This is called functional skin care!


Our skin care method goes beyond the physical products and treatment. Skin care is not only skin deep. It is heavily emotionally and spiritually driven. Our emotional and spiritual bodies are the foundation of our overall well-being and work in tandem with the physical. When one or more of these are out of balance we often also see imbalances in the skin. This includes hyperpigmentation, inflammation, or dry/oily in excess. Our facial treatments and products work synergistically to promote a calm, balanced, and harmonized complexion for any age and any skin type. We believe beauty grows with age and with spiritual ascension. That said, we do not promote anti-aging as it discredits the true beauty of the cycle of life itself and harms our mental & emotional well-being. Instead, we work to promote & support slow beauty rituals that connect us to our bodies that plant seeds of appreciation and self-love, no matter what stage of life we are in.

A word on beauty...


You are only as beautiful as you let yourself believe you are! The body is listening to everything your mind speaks so be sure to always whisper tender and kind words to yourself.

The Three Treasures...

In chinese medicine there are the 3 Treasures. Jing, Qi, & Shen. Our essence is known as Jing. This is the beauty in which we project outward from our inner world. Lack of Jing flow hinders growth spiritually & restricts cell regeneration. Qi, our Life Force, is quite important to beauty and well-being as it moves energy. When we are stressed Qi becomes stagnant and constricts blood flow, this causes stress on our body's systems as it is meant to flow freely. Shen is our higher consciousness, our spirit, our emotions, and our light. When the light is bright we glimmer and shine. When the 3 Treasures feel nurtured and balanced we glow from the inside out. This is intrinsic beauty. In order to understand the physical state of our skin, we must first understand the emotional and spiritual bodies and how they affect our entire being. 

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meet jessica

Jessica has been a licensed Esthetician for 6 years. Through her continuing education, experience in the field, and her own struggles with acne and dermatitis, she felt there was a huge hole in the skin care industry that lacked true understanding & embodiment of skin care & beauty. She has seen many skin care concerns in need of tender care in traditional esthetics being met with abrasive, harsh, or invasive measures that more often than not, are not necessary. She saw and experienced the lack of real genuine and gentle handcrafted skin care on the market and in the treatment room, especially for those with problematic skin conditions. Now she is able to share and integrate her wisdom and passion for aromatic & healing herbs, skin health, well-being, & longevity in her facial treatments and products for your unique skin.


Although Jessica is licensed in traditional esthetics, she has ongoing training in holistic skin care. She integrates various of her other trainings in subtle but powerful ways such as Yoga, Reiki, Pranayama (breathwork), and Herbalism to help support and balance the skin from the inside out. She loves to combine both traditional and holistic esthetic principles she has learned in the products and services she offers her clients! 

owner, licensed esthetician and holistic skin care specialist

More recently she has been continuing her education with Holistic Dermal Professionals to integrate eastern methods such as TCM for estheticians. Soon she will have an official certification as a Holistic Skin Care Specialist. She is also enrolled in an Organic Skin Care Formulation course with Formula Botanica. Jessica plans to continue pursuing knowledge in functional skin care to optimize skin health and wellness as well as handcrafting specialty skin care for skin, soul, and senses.

In the treatment room you might expect an in depth facial map reading & analysis, facial massage and/or gua sha, aromatherapy, tea, breathwork, handcrafted products, and more. In an online coaching session you might expect an in depth facial map reading, product & regimen recommendations, a custom skin wellness map for your skin condition(s) or concern(s), and more.



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