Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Hi Loves! The SkIngredient Bar has been shifting little by little and I'm so thankful that you all are here for it. As much as I LOVE handcrafting products and potions to use to enhance your beauty regimen (which is not going away!), I don't want to lose sight of the real MVP of skin health, emotional well-being. I wanted to share a quick story that's been on my heart lately that maybe one of you can resonate with in one way or another.

A week ago I recognized myself in a pattern that had been recycling itself for some time. I felt unworthy, depressed, lonely, and exhausted. Change is inevitable. That inevitable change requires surrendering to the path you've been set out on. Pick up your bag, dust off the dirt of the desert, thank the empty space around you so you can really listen, & admire the inner darkness as this is a vital point of your growth. Tune into your psyche and listen to your story. Listen to what she has to say to help you grow.

Over a year now I've noticed my time spent on social media, Instagram specifically, had been minimizing my quality of this beautiful life. Bringing in confusion, envy, attachment, and I longed for things that don't belong to me. In turn not recognizing the beauty I carry underneath the fog of everyone else's. I felt "less than" every. single. time. I opened that app. Why would I ever want to even spend a single second feeling like that? I finally listened to the old woman in the back of my head to let go of the superficial understanding of a portrait that isn't me. She told me it did not serve my higher purpose, that I can achieve what I'm designed to achieve without it. Look within, act on your subconscious.

Along with my emotional body beginning to ache I noticed my skin looked tired, dull, more inflamed than it had in a long time. That alone brought back pain I don't want to endure again. The suffering behind each zit was unbearable. Not the physical pain of a pimple but the underlying emotions of the era in which, in short, I had little to no self esteem. I look at that era now and admit to fearing change. Those memories are a gift because it's a reminder to myself to surrender to the upcoming shift. Your body not only has a special way of communicating physical wellness but an innate recognition of when things are shifting. It's really f*cking scary at times. Instead of running, catch your breath, and absorb this new perspective. Remember that beautiful skin is just a symptom of the life you're living.

I thank these times when my complexion doesn't look it's best. Because this is literally a window to my soul that I can't imagine not taking advantage of. It's the perfect time to look within, accept the shifts, cry to feel the pain slowly ooze out of my Spirit, and blossom again. We live on a rollercoaster of Life/Death/Life every time change is brewing & happening. You will come out on the other side even more beautiful & wise, I promise.

Right now is a beautiful time to explore, shape, and renew your soul.

Xoxo, Jess 1/13/20

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