DIY Spirulina Face Masque

Some of us really look forward to our weekly or monthly pampering. However, many of the products we purchase, such as face masques, can be expensive, non-sustainable, and generally full of questionable preservatives. Luckily, you've found yourself reading the right source for your SkIngredients!

A few things before we begin, I know I know, just give us the recipe already! I'll get there I promise! But because we hold so much value in the SkIngredients we provide to you, I want to briefly go over ingredient sustainability for not only our own skin care products but our DIY recipes we share with you.

First things first, sustainability is EVERYTHING when it comes to foraging for skingredients, production, or purchasing. I prefer to forage my ingredients if available, but if they're not I purchase them from this company. Starwest Botanicals holds values that matches ours including environmental awareness and source sustainability in all of their products/ingredients. The number one rule for foraging is don't take the whole plant or all of its fruits. You always leave some so the plant can continue flourishing!

BUSINESS TIP: Starwest Botanicals also offers wholesale for businesses which is amazing if you're like me and need to purchase pounds of ingredients at a time while on a budget. If you want to apply for a wholesale account or peruse their products go here.

I often hear "But I don't have the time and I probably won't use it enough to purchase the ingredients individually vs. if they're already made". This is why Superfood powders are the most amazing SkIngredients. Not only for their potent properties but their ability to be multifaceted tools to your health & well-being via smoothies, baking, cooking, and so on. Bottom line, I love them because they allow space to implement more than one health regimen at a priceless rate.

Home ingredients are also usually available, if not always, in everyone's spice cabinet and kitchen. Just to name a few, you probably have at least one of these! Turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, lemons, and maybe some green tea. That is more than enough to make a basic face masque that offers antibacterial, brightening, & anti-inflammatory, & anti-aging benefits.

The recipe below will be focusing on detoxing the skin using an algae you may be familiar with, Spirulina. Don't worry these are still ingredients you can easily find, I like Starwest botanicals & Mountain Rose Herbs! Spirulina is amazing for its ability to collect toxins in the air & the human body. Be careful where and who you're sourcing from as there are some regions & companies where this algae can be toxic and not processed well (Link in recipe for more info).

Spirulina Face Masque

Anti-inflammatory | Brighten | Detox

1 tsp. Spirulina (click here

for sustainable sources & info)

Pinch of Turmeric

1/8 tsp Kaolin clay

1/2 tsp Local Honey

5 mL Rose water

5 mL Aloe gel (I like using fresh aloe best as most bottled forms have added ingredients & preservatives.)

*This mix should create a beautiful velvet smooth texture. Add a splash more of rose water if you desire a lighter consistency.

1. Using your mortar & pestle (a small bowl is fine if you don't have one) mix together all dry ingredients and grind down any lumps for a smoother application.

2. Continue mixing with wet ingredients until your potion is at your desired consistency.

3. Apply the mixture all around the face & neck. You can use this anywhere on your body as well! (Purify & Cleanse the skin first to optimize benefits of the masque!)

4. Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Pat the skin dry and finish with our Calm & Repair Facial Oil to replenish nutrients and restore balance in the sebaceous (oil) glands.

TIP: Make time for an herbal steam at least once a week to gently clean the pores and plump the skin. Do this before applying your masque to relax the skin and enhance the cleansing properties of your new skin potion!

Happy skin detoxing!



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