SkIngredients & Inner Workings Of Primitive Beauty

Updated: May 7


Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence toward ourselves & others.

Hello lovely! Welcome to The SkIngredient Bar, the center for inner and outer beauty & skin care secrets for everyone who identifies as their own Divine Goddess. Inner beauty is one of the most overlooked yet most talked about skIngredient. It isn't just believing you have beauty to embody inner beauty, it is knowing that your beauty holds a power of breeding light and love. Many press for beauty in various external forms rather than understanding their own primitive beauty first.

What is Primitive Beauty?

Primitive beauty is the most foundational understanding of our physical bodies. This is a practice we must use to conserve and protect our primitive nature. You can connect to your inner workings to guide you to your own unique beauty practices with a wide diversity. Something such as pheromones, natural hair, quality time spent with yourself can lead you to your foundation. You'll learn quickly beauty isn't taught or learned, our own beauty is entirely up to our individual ability to seek within.


I find myself feeling my most womanly, sexy, and naturally beautiful when I first wake up. Especially when the sun is shining on me through the sheets. My hair a soft curly mess, my skin plump and well rested, & the interconnections and networks of my soul-self realigned and ignited.

Whatever time of day in which you feel your most sexy, I want you to sit with it with your eyes closed and imagine white light flourish and strengthen your aura. This is the foundational state of beauty that we can continue to build from. Building from a space of self awareness and maximizing our capacity for self-love.

P.S. there is NOTHING wrong about feeling sexy or beautiful on your own. If you have an intimate partner, they are meant to support you in building the inner workings of your soul rather than control and create limitations of your primitive beauty.


#1 the ability to absorb and love the rawness of your emotional, physical, and mental planes. As mentioned in my previous post, stagnation is a huge opponent we face time to time that inhibits or dims the glow of our essence.

Awareness Exercise: next time you communicate with a friend or loved one, try to feel the light emanating from your soul space. Read the energy exchange & frequency. Notice the emotions.

#2 Take care of your body & mind with methods that follow Ahimsa (non-violence) - this teaches us compassion and brings us closer to knowing ourselves.

#3 Use inner beauty tools such as meditation to heal the shadow self & recognize negative energy.

#4 Choose real beauty products that protect the Earth, lift your soul, & feed your skin with rich nutrients.

#5 Build off of your new primitive knowledge with physical practices that strengthen.

As an example..

I let my hair run wild without much care for it for a few years. I believe in the wild unkempt natural body, but I also understand that we have to take good care of it to enter a new capacity of self-love.

I remember wanting to physically feel softer. I simply started brushing my hair every night, no matter the poof! Every morning that followed I did indeed started feeling softer, professional, even more womanly than before, and less like im holding onto others opinions. Plus my curly hair thrived like never before.

That simple 1 minute practice has endorsed even more self-love routines. Each time I build I always make sure it's because I want to enhance my beauty for me.

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