Aromathera-Tea Facial Steam


Facial steams are the bread and butter of your skin care regimen! This blend is relaxing, detoxing, tightening, cleansing, and particularly great for acne prone skin. Did you know White willow bark is where salicylic acid is derived? As unadulterated bark, this ingredient is way more gentle on the skin. The aroma of this clean blend has a top note of lavender, balanced out with the mellow astringency of white willow bark, and grounded with sweet earthiness of green tea leaves. Green tea not only helps to cleanse the skin, but also the mind! They both need to detox sometimes!


4 oz



How To: Facial Steams At Home

Balance Tea Facial Steam

  • *Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) leaves, *Salix alba (White willow bark) bark, and *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) flowers