This synergistic blend of oils helps to harmonize stress (free radicals) and restore the skin's barrier. Mature and/or compromised skin often have weak or disrupted barriers which leaves it vulnerable to environmental invaders & physical damage. This is an antioxidant powerhouse meant to support the skin while it works to rebuild itself. The antioxidant levels in this oil also aid in reducing scarring and inflammation. 


Squalane oil boosts skin health & replenishes the lipids we begin to lose as we age. It works well for most skin types as it is lightweight, low on the comedogenic scale, boosts hydration, and reduces skin irritation. This oil is the perfect match for mature & irritated skin.


This oil works in tandem with all of our facial oil serums. Balance & Repair may be used in the evening while Harmonize & Restore or Defend & Protect may be used as apart of your morning regimen.


30 mL


Harmonize & Restore Facial Oil Serum

  • On a clean face, use 3-5 drops, depending on the level of moisture you need. Pat the oil evenly around the face and neck. Then massage into the skin from the midline to ears (move upward and outward from chin to forehead).  Layer with an SPF.