Aromathera-Tea Facial Steam


Facial steams are the bread and butter of your skin care regimen! Mmm.. we love the smell of tea and roses! Don't you?  This blend is grounding, warming, and smoothing to the mind and skin. This facial steam feels like gentle rolling clouds across the skin. It's beyond dreamy. The tulsi leaf adds notes of licorice and lemon which plays beautifully with the buttery oolong and floral rose. Oolong has powerful anti-allergenic antioxidants which may help calm skin conditions such as eczema or blemishes. Tulsi has also been known to help eczema!


4 oz.



How To: Facial Steams At Home

Harmonize Tea Facial Steam

  • *Wūlóng/Camellia sinensis (Oolong Tea), *Rosa (Rose) buds & petals, and *Ocimum tenuiflorum (Tulsi/Holy Basil) leaf